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Out of Character-

Well, there are some encounters in Furcadia which are interesting, funny, boring, or just plain aggravating. I'm not exactly sure what sort this next one falls under. Now, keep in mind I was in bed when she whispered me the first time, 10:31am. I woke up around ten after noon, and promptly send a reply back:

Session started Sunday 1/1/2006 10:31
J'Nai Halfelven: [Hello?]
[ 6 hours and 41 minutes. Bed. Sleep. zZzZz ]
[ [Allo] ]
J'Nai Halfelven: [Care to play?]
J'Nai Halfelven: [Hello?]\ (side note- she gave me about five seconds to reply before she prodded at me again.)
[ [Perhaps. What have you got in mind?] ]
J'Nai Halfelven: [Well... you're domme, yes. What kinks do you have?]
[ [Eyonix will do anything just about; as for myself, the only thing I'd rather stay away from is inflation, hyper stuff, and scat.] ]
J'Nai Halfelven: [I don't like any of them either. But now you get to give me some things you specifically enjoy... favorites...]
[ [Hmm. I dunno. Just woke up, so I'm not really... well, awake. =/ Roleplaying kinda sucks when you're not fully concious. xD] ] (side note- this was supposed to be a subtle hint I wasn't up for roleplay, really. Not yet, anyway.)
J'Nai Halfelven: [Completely unrelated to the question you were asked. Therefore... not a valid answer. Please try again.] (side note- this is where she starts to sound really... pushy, I suppose you could say.)
[ [You already have the answer. All that stuff I listed isn't on the list. :op The rest... is until I don't like it anymore. :op Watersports, bloodplay, bestiality, rape, being worshipped... just a few more interesting ones.] ]
J'Nai Halfelven: User is currently away, and may have missed your whisper. (Inactive last 0 hours and 0 minutes.) -- DogProxy 2.68 - get your own copy at http://furc.sanct.net/

Session started Sunday 1/1/2006 12:19
J'Nai Halfelven: [I've run out of patience. You get to stop whispering me now. I'll let you know when I think you're worth my time. Ciao.] (side note- Doesn't this sound really conceited?)
[ [Wow. I doubt I've ever seen anyone as self-centered as you. o.o Well, have fun.] ]

Now, to me, it seems like she's in an extreme hurry to get what she wants. She wants, and she wants it NOW. Sorry, but even if Eyonix is a whore, it's not going to happen that quickly 95% of the time with her. So what if I'm 'worthy' of someone's time. Thanks to her impatience, pushiness, and rudeness, I don't want to be worthy for this person. Granted, I've heard she's damned good roleplay. But I'm not going to let myself be lowered OOCly enough to have to 'worship' someone with the time and effort I put into my roleplaying. Fuck that. :)

Anyways... maybe I'll be adding another log later today... ;)
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