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Punishment... sometimes isn't punishment

Out of Character-

So here I was, idling with Eyonix. One of her slaves logs on, and started bugging me. Well, not really bugging, as it was welcomed. But she did something to anger Eyonix just a slight bit, and, Eyonix being the bitch she is, decided to put the slut to use... for everyone else's pleasure! Of course, the slave rather liked the treatment too. After a while.

Major players-

(You see Jacqueline Spears.)
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(You see Patricia Mink.)
> Wandering through the crowds you see a gorgeous looking mink wearing a soft red top, just barely able to contain hir lusty chest and a short skirt that did nothing to hide hir firm rear, nor the large bulges showing beneath hir silky panties.. Shi looked to you and smiled before walking way (herm) (dual cocks)( females, shemales and herms only)(single) http://img415.imageshack.us/my.php?image=doublemink2da.jpg

(You see Devon Blackstar.)
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(You see Tina Scuro.)
> Bold, headstrong, and the self-proclaimed 'Alpha' of the Scuro family, this slender Tiger furre bares a certain noble grace boardering almost on uppity for those around. Plush ink and ivory fur matched the mixed colours in hir hair, pulled back typically in a loose tail. Hir clothing was simple dispite hir arrogance, a silk chest wrap and a matching loin cloth left a little to the imagination. [Herm] [Femme/Herm/Shemale Pref] http://meru.xfury.net/chars/scuro/tina.html

(You see Willow Scuro.)
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[#] Listen up, people! Eyonix is planning a show that benifits you! Yes, you! If you're feeling up to it, there is going to be a public show in which you can participate (or not!) going on at the stripping stage! Come take a load off... and give it to the star of tonights show: Jacqueline 'Spooge' Spears! Do whatever you wish to her to get off! But be warned, harm her, and you'll have to deal with her Mistress, Eyonix! So come have a blast and get your rocks off by watching or joining in!

[#] Come one, come all! There is a public show going on in the stripper's stage area that you can join in on! The poor girl to be used to please and tease you all tonight is our very lovable, adorable Jacqueline 'Spooge' Spears! The show starts in four minutes!

Kami Scuro giggles as shi slips in to watch the show!

Kami Scuro snuggles up against hir sisters back and purrs softly.

Rachel Scuro leans into Tina, arms going around hir mate as shi leans in and kisses hir cheek. "Come to watch the show too I see."

Eyonix smirked as she watched the gathering crowd, quite pleased with herself. Oh, she put on the sweetest look as her tail swept back and forth. "Whether you're here to use my little bitch, or just watch, I hope you all enjoy this. If you're just watching, please take a seat in the back along the wall, or along the sides of the stage.. If you're going to be using Spooge, then please have seat here at the stage." She would give a light jerk to the leash that was connected to the collar about Jacqueline's neck, "Stand! And show those people what you've got to offer!" She would wait for the people in the crowd to sort themselves out accordingly before she made her next little announcement.

Kami Scuro grinned and watched!

Jacqueline Spears's eyes look from furre to furre, letting out a soft whimper. Shi was use to be used and abused, but shi had never seen this many who were so willing and ready to use hir body. Shi lets out a soft whimper as hir eyes move to hir mistress' feet, letting out and shakey sigh, feeling somewhat nervous for the first time since becoming hir mistress' fuck toy. Shi just had to go and touch hir mistress...shi knew that hir playfullness would get hir in trouble with the beautiful succubus, but it didn't matter now. A soft yelp comes from hir when shi feels the harsh pull, the leash choaking her a bit as shi stands up quickly, not wishing to anger hir mistress anymore. Shi spreads hir legs a bit and lets hir ears fold submissively back against hir head as shi allows the crowd to stare at hir form, hir member pulsing to life from the excitment of obeying hir mistress.

Rachel Scuro turns and noses at Tina's cheek, licking softly as shi watches, lowering a paw down to run along hir thigh.

Kami Scuro hugs an arm around hir sister, willow :3

Willow Scuro smiles and sits down with hir sisters, looking over to Kami and snuggles up with hir, giving hir neck a playful nuzzle. "I'm so excited!"

Devon Blackstar stood up and boldly stepped onto the stage, his silver eyes seeming to glint as he looked Jacqueline over. He stood just out of reach, his leather pants straining a bit to contain what laid within them. "I've been waiting for something like this to happen."

Tina Scuro settled hirself in by the edge of the stage, scarlet eyes narrowed slightly as shi eyed the 'toy' over for tonight's entertainment. Family was all around now, so Rachel's paw was playfully ignored for now as shi snuggled in against hir neck.

Eyonix would let her eye scan the crowd, cruel grin still upon her lips. "This little slut will suck and fuck you till you cover her in your seed. Feel free to begin when you like; though since the poor bitch only has three holes to use at any one time... feel free to play with each other. Just remember; little Spooge has her name for a reason; give her your loads" She was hopeful that someone would come up to the front to participate in the use of the little slave; it'd be a bore if it was just her getting down to fuck her slave again. "Ahh, our first taker! Excellent! If you'd get down there and... well, I shouldn't have to instruct you how to fuck her." She chuckled quietly "Remember, people who are not going to be fucking my little Spooge, off to the side. People who want to use and abuse her tight little body, step right up and have at her!"

Rachel Scuro decides not to participate in the show, but watches. Shi leans against Tina and purrs slowly near hir ear, just running a paw along hir thigh, up and down while shi observes.

Tina Scuro will be...once shi works out the lazy portion of hir mood and removes hirself from the pile of family snuggled all around hir.

Michelle Scuro does the same as Rachel, and watches herself. oO
Willow Scuro pokes Tina's butt playfully.
Tina Scuro turned to poke Kami "Lets go fuck this slut good sis..." Shi turned to swat at Willow before shi turned to push hirself up from hir spot to drag Kami over with hir :-)

Patricia Mink looks over to Jaqueline and then smiles before shi looks to the male now next to hir and then one her mistress named Spooge. Shi nods slightly and then says " Mmm so any hole hmmm?" hir smile widens as shi lifts hir skirt revealing hir thick dual shafts to them all "mm I guess I get two." shi looks at the male and then pulls Jaquline into hir lap quickly ramming hir shafts up into the girl's tailhole and femslit.

Kami Scuro gasps and is tugged over, blushing!

Devon Blackstar slowly walked over to stand in front of jacqueline, his hands working at the fasteners to his pants as he walked, releasing them when he was before her, the leather creaking as he pushed his pants off onto the floor, his throbbing member half erect, dangling in front of her mouth, the head pulsing with his heartbeat. "I'm going to enjoy this..." he said, his voice filled with lust, as he grabbed a handfull of her hair and shoved his growing shaft toward her mouth.

Tina Scuro hrms...noting someone beat them to it....oh well, shi could deal with teasing Kami into a nice state with gropes and squirms of hir body. One paw slipped down to flick the fly and button of hir jeans open, letting off the pressure so hir paw could slip within to poke and molest around.

Rachel Scuro smiles and turns from Tina as shi starts to toy with another sis. Shi leans over and loops an arm around

Michelle's waist, knowing shi's been getting a lot of action from Tina lately, so is elected to be bothered. Shi watches the show across the room, but leans back into Michelle to use as a pillow.

Kami Scuro blinked, watching hir sister. Shi then gasped and shivered, leaning in towards hir as hir paw slipped into hir pants and began to fondle her sexes. "Ohh! Tina..." Shi blushed.

Michelle Scuro has an arm wrapped around her waist, followed by a Rachel leaning on her next. She leans herself back to plant a paw firmly onto the floor to support herself,free paw wrapping around her sister's body to hold, mostly for self-reassurance.

Eyonix would grin as Patricia took the liberty of using both that slut cunt and tight asshole. "Mm, just remember sweetie, everyone who wants get's a turn. Switch out sometime." She winked with her one eye down to the double-cocked hermaphrodite. Then she turned her eye to Devon. "Force all of it into her mouth; don't stop if she gags. Make her know you're in charge." She chuckled quietly as she turned and walked towards the group of Scuro's, having heard them wanting to get in on it. "And you, my lovelies... you'll get your turn soon enough." Actually, she was eager to see two Scuro's in action on her pet.

Jacqueline Spears whimpers a bit more when shi sees all of the evil looking grins that were starting to surround hir, causing hir to back away just a bit. Shi quickly remmembers why hir mistress was doing this and takes a few slow breaths, trying to calm hirself a bit, only to suddenly find hirself in the clutches of a rather excited mink, a long, loud moan as both of hir wholes were suddenly filled with two, lovely, beautiful mink cocks shoved deep into hir. Hir moan was cut short though, and shi suddenly had another wonderfully large cock inside of hir, which shi slowly starts to suck on, looking up to the male and letting out another soft whimper, knowing all to well what he was probably planning to do. Shi relaxes hir throat and shivers softly, waiting for the two to begin their painful fucking.

Rachel Scuro turns a moment to lick Michelle's nose, tugging closer to hir and setting a free hand on hir knee. "Hi

Michelle... how've you been? Haven't seen you in a while?" While shi speaks, shi keeps hir eyes on the trio to watch.
Jake Tenderhoof sits down and shifts, he was here on account of his mother being here, and wasn't sure he should be watching, due to his age, but it wasn't like he hadn't seen this stuff before, he had just never been so close to it, the buck stays quiet, figuring as long as he didn't make a nuicence, he would be allowed to stay

Tina Scuro wasn;t clothed in much compared to hir sister...that had to be mixed as Kami's jeans were tugged down along hir thighs and kicked off with a little help from the elder feline. Shi glanced up slowly at the demoness on stage, tail quirking slightly before shi dropped hir paw down to stroke at Kam's malebits again slowly.

Willow Scuro grins and looks over to Michelle and leans against hir form, letting out a soft sigh as shi looks over to the trio, paying particular attention to the small canine who was being filled up by so many members.

Michelle Scuro shrugged slightly, leaning herself forward and downwards, litterally pushing herself under her sister slightly more, and raising herself in such a fashion it'd litterally have brought her older sister into her lap. She'd lower her head forward, nuzzling nose to Rachel's shoulder.."Same thing I always do." She was fortunate to have moved her position, which, would allow an arm to drap over Willow's shoulders to help her with support.

Kami Scuro bit hir lower lip. Shi was the shy, submissive sister, and Tina was the dominant, alpha sister. Kami, however, liked this as shi wiggled free of hir pants, blushing more and murring then gasping as hir sister rubbed her malebits. "Mmmm... Tina..." Hir cock began to poke out from the tip of her sheath.

Devon Blackstar moaned softly as he shoved his lengthening prick farther into Jacquelines mouth, the head sliding down her throat as his shaft finally reached its full length of 16" long and 2.5" thick, his sac resting against her chin, his folds leaking fluids as he became even more aroused, his hips begining their slow movements, pushing his meat in and out of her mouth with increasing momentum.

Jake Tenderhoof fidgets a little as he watches, keeping his bag in his lap to hide his own growing arousal "heh..."

Patricia Mink takes hold of Jasqueline's hips with hir paws ans then grins slightly and then nods hearing Eyonix's words. Not replying to the succubus, shi begins to pull back then thrust in again, starting hir slow but hard thrusts against the female. Hir thick cocks shoving in deep swelling more with each thrust , teasing h Jacqueline's insides with hir movements before pulling back and thrusing in harder. hir body bouncing the femeale against hirself a shi watched the male begin with his forced fucking of the canine's mouth.

Rachel Scuro settles up a bit and over, moving into Michelle's lap more comfortably. Shi curls hir tail around and turns to kiss one of the sister's ears. Shi turns a moment and looks down to her, wiggling in her lap. "Mm... you planning on participating in this?" shi asks, waving a paw toward the trio across the stage.

Eyonix chuckled quietly as she watched the Scuro girls. "Mmm, maybe after these two have their way with Spooge, some of you will be happy to come and... heh, use your skills to tease my little bitch, hm?" She didn't wait for an answer, though, turning back to tend to the ones that were busy. The sisters ought to be good and ready to play with Jacqueline when the time came... if they didn't run off to play with each other first. Hopefully they'd stick around. "Mmm, and remember; either of you two do any damage to her... you're mine." She grinned; she had no qualms about taking a fellow staff member or a patron to a room to beat down and play with if they hurt her toy.

Jake Tenderhoof shifts a little, looking around at everyone, he scratches his head "Excuse me miss" he looks up at Eyonix "Are you the boss?" he asks "Like...do you tell all them to do stuff?"

Michelle Scuro shook her head slowly and leaned it into her larger sister's neck. "No.." She muttered quietly, almost embarrassed at her answer.

Devon's alright... he's a big character as it is. xD Ah well. >.> I'll keep my mouth shut about Patricia unless she starts pestering me specifically." to Alexandria Reeves. ]

Jacqueline Spears tries to relax hir throat a bit more to make more room for the massive cock, but to no avail, leaving hir throat as tight about his girth as a virgin's cunt, which was probably just as pleasing for him as uncomfortable as it was for hir, but it didn't matter, shi was hear because shi was told to. A long, but very muffled moan comes from hir as the mink starts to thrust up into hir form, hir eyes closing slowly as tears start to well up in hir eyes. Shi had never known what it ment to be truely full until now, and shi was definately not used to it. Another whimper comes from hir as the mink thrusts up into hir again, though shi tried as hard as shi could to take it all, wanting to make hir mistress happy.

Tina Scuro turned to nose at Mi's thigh lightly "Says you..." Shi grinned...evily.

Rachel Scuro mms softly and turns a little. "Me neither... just came to watch." Shi stretches a paw into Tina's lap to pat. "Tina will probably participate though, won't you?"

Willow Scuro slowly slinks up next to Michelle and snuggles next to the Alpha sister, hir tail flicking back and forth as shi watches the wonderful show. Shi really liked that bue canine, and it showed in the lustful look of hir eyes.

Tina Scuro stuck hir tongue out slightly "Of course..." Shi glanced to hir other side, smiling as shi looped hir other arm around Wil to snuggle hir good and close. "But am I the only one going up there it seems?

Eyonix chuckles quietly and shook her head. "Nah... I'm just sort of overseeing this. If you want a turn with Spooge, you'll have to wait until the the kit's over there get done," she nodded towards the Scuro's, "As they're next in line. If they want to join in; I heard a one or two say they might." She chuckled quietly. "Might be able to sucker them into letting you in before them if you ask nicely."

Willow Scuro shakes hir head quickly and gives Tina a soft, playful nuzzle as a paw goes to the other's right breast, giving it a playful squeeze. "I'll go up there with ya, Tina."

Devon Blackstar thrust his hips a bit faster, slamming his thick cock into Jacquelines mouth and throat as hard as he dared after hearing Eyonix's warning, his sac smacking into hir chin with each plunging thrust, his own mound leaking profusely as he used hir little mouth for his pleasure. He reached under his sac with his free hand and began fingering himself as he fucked Jacquelines tight throat.

Jake Tenderhoof Blinks a little, his ears turning pink "Oh, heh, no, I'm just watching is all, I don't think I'm even supposed to be here, I'm just fourteen" He murfs "Plus, the last person I tried to mate with got hurt by my antlets, because i accidenally leaned forward too hard" He says "So I don't think you'd want me to"

Patricia Mink groans slightly and then moans deeply as shi thrust alittle faster and harder against the canine, hir thick mink cocks swellin alittle more before finally reaching hir full thickness of 3 inches and a full length of 20 inches. Shi could feel the tightness of Jacquelines cunny and tailhole about hir cocks and this only caused hir to buck harder against the girl driving hir cocks deeply into her form the tip of her lower cock pressing against her cervix. SHe moaned and gripped the canines hips alittle tightter as shi looked to the male and watched his actions upon Jacquelines mouth and throat.

Tina Scuro nuzzled at Wil's head "Goodie...we have a second at least..." Now the molesting would begin anew. Since the show was good thus far, the eldest was start to show signs of hir enjoyment...plus Wil's little urgings didn't hurt either. Growling quietly at the feline in hir grip, hir paw dropped down to open yet another pair of pants for the night...dipping a paw in to explore while shi sniffed and nibbled behind one of hir ears.

Jacqueline Spears wimpers again as tears start to stream from hir eyes. Shi had never had a cock so big in hir mouth, and the discomfort was quickly turning into a sharp pain with each thrust he gave deep into hir throat, hir eyes opening slowly as shi looks up to his form, hir trademark submissive look overtaking hir features. Hir lower holes had already begun their dirty work on the minks cocks, both holes instinctively milking each of hir cocks on each outstroke, adding to the already tight feeling about the other's cocks. Shi was such a wonderful slut, and always willing to fuck another to give them pleasure.

Willow Scuro starts to purr softly into hir sister's ear as hir pants and unbuttoned, a soft sigh coming from hir as a paw moves into them to start exploring. Shi had already started to become hard from the show, and the feeling of hir sister's paw against hir cock sent it to it's full length, as well as giving hir a soft shiver. Hir paw squeezes at Tina's breast as shi starts to wiggle out of hir jeans, allowing hir sister to better explore hir nether regions.

Patricia Mink moans deeply and then leans in to the canine pressing hir firm breasts against her back as shi bounced Jacqueline upon hir thick cocks. Heir lips parting as shi pressed in against her neck an nibbled slightly. The feelingof the tight squeezes against hir cocks and thenmilking sensation drew forth a duel spurt of thick string pre. into the cainie, her hand rubbing about her belly then down to tease her clit a shi nibbled her neck feeling that thick cock press into her throat.

Devon Blackstar's body stiffened for a moment, his shaft throbbing within Jacquelines mouth, the head pulsating violently as he moaned out loudly, his cum spurting out into hir mouth in a flood, filling hir mouth to overflowing as he pulled his still cumming cock from hir mouth and stroked it, spraying more of his seed over hir face and breasts, his mound gushing cum onto his fingers and onto the cushion beneath him.

Tina Scuro watched the mink push in good and deep, one brow raising at an idea before shi glanced down at Wil again "Whatsay we double-fuck hir in the ass? Shi looks like shi could take it...and probally like it..." That was probally loud enough for the demoness to hear at least...3 holes = 3 furre's Tina's furry black and white ass :-P With the leopardess pantless finally, shi was free to play hir paw slowly over hir goods before shi gripped around the base to squeeze.
Jake Tenderhoof bites his lip, he scoots a little closer to everyone, the buck trying to get a closer look at everything, he was curious afterall

Eyonix's ears definately caught those words; and she would turn about after nodding her head slightly; Devon and Patricia seemed to be doing quite well; and there was no doubt Eyonix was turned on by the show herself. Nipples stood brazingly against her top, and the thong she wore was bulged quite well. She would grin to the Scuro's. "Mmm, did I hear someone say double fucking this bitch's ass? Now, now... nothing that can permanently degrade her value... though..." She shrugged her shoulders. "I'd love to hear her scream out from that. Make her scream like a fucking whore, and you got yourselves a deal!" Stretched ass? Bah, who cared? She'd eventually get rid of Spooge when she got too loose and battered and beaten.

Jacqueline Spears shivers all over from the mixed pleasure and pain as the two continue to fill hir up with their amazingly thick cocks, hir paws slowly wrapping around the male that was taking hir mouth when shi feels his orgasm starting. Shi thrusts hir head forward as he rams his tick cock deep into hir throat, allowing his cum to fill hir throat and push down into hir stomach, being forced to swallow all of it, whether shi liked it or not. Finally, hir mouth would be free from such a massive member...though it probably wouldn't be for long. Shi glances back to the mink who was taking hir and lets out a bit more pleased sounding whimper, starting to thrust back against hir as hir eyes move to hir mistress' form, wishing that it was her who was taking hir.

Eyonix licked her lips as she turned back to the show; Devon had just creamed the bitch's mouth, it seemed. "Hate to do this to you buddy, but take a seat now, eh? If you want more, you can get some soon enough. Relax for a while." She'd wink to him, causing her vision to momentarily be gone. She turned towards the Scuro's; "Seems the slut's mouth just opened up... hope you girl's don't mind a mess that's been left behind."

Willow Scuro giggles evily at the mentioning of such a dirty thing. Both of them taking hir ass? It was just too good of a plan, and shi nods quickly, unable to turn it down. Shi then runs a paw down hir sister's form and starts to pet hir ass softly as shi finally wiggles free of hir pants, letting out a soft murr as hir sister toys with hir. "Mmm....You're just full of good ideas Tina..." Hir murr slowly grows into a loud, heavy purr when the base of hir cock was squeezed.

Devon Blackstar nods, his knees shaking slightly as he walked over and took a seat next to the Scuro family. "Evening ladies. Nice show eh?"

Patricia Mink's ears would twitch catching the words from Eyonix and shi grinned before sh pulled back fully before shi thrust in harder against the canine gfiving off more thick pre letting the canine believe shi had released before two thick knots formed at hir cock bases. Shi began to thrust harder into hir and moaned loudly against hJacquline's neck before shi bit into the flesh and then thrust up letting both thickening knots slap against her ass and the base of femslit. hir hips bucking wildly as shi then broke the fles of the girls neck with heir bit just as she did unlease a thick load of hot mink seed, very potent cream .

Jake Tenderhoof shifts a little, looking up at Eyonix, then at the "girls" his own shaft was faily hard, he scratches his head a little, looking around "Um...anybody need help...with anything?"

Willow Scuro looks over to Devon and gives him a wink before turning hir attention back to Tina, leaning forward and starting to nibble softly on hir ears as hir cock is teased and toyed with, nodding softly to Eyonix, though more of hir attention was on hir sister. "We don't mind...just makes our job that much easier..." Shi laughs softly and goes back to nibbling on hir dear sister's ears.

Tina Scuro glanced at teh canines open mouth now...grinning at Wil before dragging hir up and over towards it "Come on...lets go get some face fun in before hir ass end opens up..." Shi was still holding Wil by the base as shi pulled hir up playfully...moving over to settled before the toy's face with Wil on the opposite side...cocks in. :-)

Jacqueline Spears gasps heavily as the male's massive cock leaves hir mouth, panting softly and glancing back to the mink, wincing as the skin on hir neck broke, looking back to hir mistress with almost pleading eyes. Shi didn't mind being fucked, beaten, used, and abused...but shi didn't want other's to hurt hir like that...only mistress could do that. Hir eyes close again quickly as the mink's orgasm surges up into hir, hir mouth opening slowly to let out another long moan of pleasure, only to suddenly find two sister's cocks being shoved into hir mouth, eyes widdening with their suddenness, though shi looks to each of them and quickly starts to suckle.

Willow Scuro giggles with excitement as Tina leads hir by the cock to tht fuck toy, looking to hir sister, then to the toy as shi moves hir cock in along with Tina's, shivering with pleasure. Shi rids hirself of what little clothing shi had left and slowly wraps an arm around hir sister, laying hir head on hir shoulder and letting out a soft moan as the slave girl starts to suck on both of their cocks. "Mmm...suck a good little slut, isn't shi Tina?"

Patricia Mink still biting firmly agaisnt the girlls neck shi groans and the then pulls out, hir ccks still spewing forth hir heavy load, shi seemed to be cumming like a raging hose. Hir paws releasing Jacqueline's hips as shei brings a paw to each and pumps hirself coating the girls lower back and ass cheeks. then with hir other, aims it at the sisters fucking the canine's mouth and sprays them some before finally easing off.

Tina Scuro was enjoying the view, up until the mink behind pulled hirself free and decided to try and ruin the fun for them on their end. Shi wouldn;t have it...mainly because shi didn;t want to have to clean it from hir fur yet again. but what to do? Well...there was force of will? That was all that came to mind...but it served a purpose as the sticky rain slowed...then haulted to rain dover over Jac's head and muzzle instead of the sisters. The elder glowered slightly, blinking dispite it at the odd circumstance behind that. Hrm...oh well, shi had better things to be attending too it seems. With one arm looped around Wil still, shi pushed in a little more into Jac's mouth, grinning at the sight "I think hir ass end just opened up too..."

Willow Scuro winces when shi see's the mink's cream being shot at them, not particularly wanting to be covered in anybody but hir sisters' cum right now. A small smile spreads across hir face when shi sees all of the cum splash onto Spooge's form, laughing softly. "A cum shower for the fuck toy." Shi then looks to Tina and gives hir neck a few playful nips as shi pushes hir cock in a bit more after hir sister, giving Tina's butt a soft squeeze at the mention of the toy's ass opening up for the two of them to take. An almost evil grin spreads across hir face as shi looks down to Jacky, licking hir lips almost lusftully. "Shi must feel so empty back there...we should probably fill hir up..."

Patricia Mink pulled hir lips free of Jacqueline's neck and then murred deeply before she rubbed hir cocks slightly then licked the tender flesh of the canine, cleaning away the triple trickling of blood from hir bite. Shi looked to teh two sister and grinned before moving back. Shi could have givingjacqueline another filling of Mink taking her ass with bothc cock but shi would let others have their way with this slut. panting slightly shi murred and then slipped to the side.

Natalie Scuro yawns a bit while looking around at the place, seeing a lot of furres in one place for even hir and just rubs her eyes and stands up and walks off to be alone to sort things out.

Jacqueline Spears closes hir eyes tightly when shi feels hir body starting starting to be covered with the mink's cum, letting out a soft moan, as shi loved to be bathed in cum. Hir paws slowly move to start rubbing the cream into hir fur, opening hir eyes slowly when shi hears the two sister talking about hir. They were going to take hir ass? Both at the same time?! A soft whimper comes from hir with pleading eyes, but shi kept hir words to hirself, knowing that shi would be punished even worse for speaking ill of the punishment shi was already receiving. Shi closes hir eyes slowly, starting to suck more and more on their cocks, vainly trying to make them cum before they would take hir ass.

Tina Scuro dragged Wil around to the other end once the mink was away...grinning from er to ear presently as shi slipped a paw down to stroke absently at hir rather meager 11" compared to the previous occupant, but together with hir sister they could make their presence known. Messy as jac already was, slipping in against hir oozing tailhole wouldn;t be a problem, the elder just waited till Wil was aimed up and ready before shi finally gave into the urge and pushed worad to piece past hir abused ring and wait to feel what things where like after both slipped in.

Willow Scuro gives hir sister a soft kiss before shi moves into position on the other side of the pet, forcing the toy to straddle hir hips as shi readies hirself to fill the toy up along with hir sister. Shi looks over the toy's shoulder to hir sister, giving hir a wink as the head of hir malehood rubs against Tina's, showing that shi was ready to take the poor toy's ass, ready to fill it up completely with the combined size of both of their shaft. "Hear those whimpers, Tina? Shi must feel just so empty without our cocks inside of hir...the poor thing..." Shi starts to push in slowly, waiting for hir sister to join. "I think we should relieve hir of such a horrid feeling." The minute shi felt hir sister starting to push in, shi rams hir own member deep into the fuck toy's ass, letting out a soft moan.

Eyonix knew that she was going to have to grab the little mink to carry off to a room later tonight; the double cocked bitch had bitten and caused her slave to bleed, afterall; and that'd been against the rules that had been outlined in the beginning. Onix was already stewing over the proper punishment... which was, of course, beyond reasoning. She eyed Patricia for a moment before snorting, and turned her attention to the threesome below. "Mmm, such good kitties you are... I might have to rent this bitch out to your family sometime."

Jacqueline Spears whimpers softly as the two sister's cocks left hir mouth, a rather worried look in hir eyes. They may not have been as large as the mink, but their combined girths were more than enough to be larger than the mink's. Shi opens hir mouth a bit, almost starting to speak, only to have the male's cum start to ooze out of hir mouth, causing hir to quickly close hir mouth and swallow. Shi dared not open hir mouth again, knowing shi would say something horribly wrong and incur the wrath of hir mistress, which shi definately didn't want. Life, even one of servitude as hirs, was better than death. Shi watches both of the sister's get into position and winces, knowing that a lot of pain was going to be coming soon.

Tina Scuro waited only a moemtn after Wil took the first push in to hilt, before shi hirself followed up to slip hirself in atop hir sister and stretch the poor canine wide with their combined mass. It would be a stretch indeed, one that would make the tigeress ontop moan softly and flex hir cock against the warm confines and hir sister below. "Holy...fuck..." Shi blinked a few times, righting hirself again before shi dropped hir paws to take hold of Jac's hips and grin over hir shoulder at Wil "Ready to give hir a ride?"

Willow Scuro had completely hilted hirself before Tina had thrust in, and the feeling of their malehoods almost grinding against eachother as shi thrusts in, caused hir to almsot lose hir balance, nearly falling back before quickly righting and running a paw through hir hair, murring softly. Shi looks over the toy's shoulder with a dreamy look on hir face, winking to hir sister and nods softly, pulling hir hips back slowly as shi starts to draw hir member out, looking over the toy's body and giggling softly. "Mmm...you feel so tight with both of us inside you...you dirty fuck toy..." Shi laughs a bit more and thrusts hirself back in, hilting deep inside of hir.

Natalie Scuro rubs hir shoulders while being the youngest of the sisters and stays where she's at least not able to hear what was going on between Jacqueline and the others near hir and just listens to hir music that shi plays almost every single day, hoping shi won't be caught.

Toy Kitten mrews and finds a spot to watch.. :3~

Devon Blackstar whimpers slightly as he watches the two Scuros have their way with the fuck slut Jacqueline, his shaft fully erect again, his hand idly stroking it, his other hand between his thighs, teasing his hidden folds, wanting to jump in again.

Jacqueline Spears's eyes open wide when shi feels the first go in, knowing that only a few se- "AAAIIIEEE....AAAAHHH..." May have taken two cocks deep inside of hir ass to make hir scream like such a filthy, sluttly whore, but the sister did it, and shi knew what this ment. Hir mistress had said if they made hir do that, they could fuck hir ass as hard and as long as they wanted, which ment that hir ass might become useless to hir mistress. Shi still stayed silent, wanting to be as obidient to hir mistress as possible. Hir body starts to bounce up and down on the combined girth of their two sisters, heavy pants coming from hir as a paw takes hold of the stage to help hir keep hir balance.

Tina Scuro's ears perked at the lovely wail coming from the canine between then, tail twitching a little bit as hir clawtips pressed against hir hips a bit more as shi force hirself in deep to the hilt, spines along the upper portion of hir cock pricking and digging against hir tender depths, and Wil's length as well, with each dragging pull or push of hir hips. Shi was a bit less brutal then the feline below, but only for the first few moments before things started getting fun and the sister's got into a rythem of making sure Jac was stuffed with at least one cock at all times.

Natalie Scuro slightly jumps from the scream and looks away enough for her to not see it and turns the volume up a little more before standing back up againa dn leaving, hoping this time she'll stay out instead of watching this.

Willow Scuro had been far too excited to keep hirself at a slow pace, and wanted to really drive hirself deep into the toy that shi and hir sister were using for their own pleasure. A long, pleasureful sigh comes from hir when shi and hir sister find a good rythem for them to be filling up the canine's ass. Both of hir paws had moves back behind hir to prop hir body up as hir hips thrust up into the bouncing slave's body, hir head rolling back as shi lets out a soft moan of pleasure. "Mmm...Your cock feels so wonderful against my sis..." Shi lifts hir head to give Tina a sly smile before looking back to the slave girl.

Devon Blackstar couldn't contain himself any longer, so he stood up and walked over to Toy Kitten, grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed his cock at her mouth, trying to force it past her lips, his slit leaking moisture down his thighs.

Jacqueline Spears was not panting heavily as shi leans back against who shi could only assume was the Alpha female, allowing the older tiger to better help hir bounce up and down on both of their cocks. Hir eyes slowly close when the two sisters find their rythem, making sure that shi was constantly filled. It was actually rather nice to have them get into such a rythem, though shi knew they were doing it for hir, but for eachother. Shi opens hir mouth slowly and lets out a soft, pleasureful moan, more readily submitting hirself now, ears pinned back against hir head as shi looks down. "Mmm...You two are so wonderful....Second only to my mistress...."

Toy Kitten gives a sheer shriek of surprise and lets out a soft wail as she finds a cock pushing lewdly through her lips, the feline clawing at him with a paw in defence, apparently not in the mood for such treatment as he gives that stiffy a bite. Mrow! :-(

Devon Blackstar winces and backs away, slightly fuming at the treatment.

Eyonix snickered derisively at the compliment her slave gave to her. She shook her head as she lowered herself down to her knees at the edge of the stage. "Mmm, maybe you girl's would like to buy a fucktoy for a week, hm? Use her and abuse her among the family..." She did ti only because she thought that the family would be a good... influence on Jacqueline. Plenty of sex and all that. "Do me a favor, though... if you can resist it..." She chuckled quietly. "Cum on this bitch's face."

Tina Scuro murred softly as Jac leaned into hir, canines bared for a moment before shi caught an ear tip between them to nibble on lightly. Hir gaze flicked over at the feline cry, gaze narrowing at the site before shi turned to eye the demoness onthe stage for a moment. Shi set the face in hir mind anyway, slipping one paw up from Jac's hip to finddle and tug on the little gold hoop running through a nipple. Shi fiddled with it absently, cock flexing steadily as pressed down to meet hir sister, wrestling the pressure around against the toy's poor ring as the elder's grin returned finally.

Willow Scuro grins with pleasure as shi watches hir sister toy with the slave's piercings, a paw slowly moving to the slave girl's member, tugging softly on the ring that the two chains connected to, causing them to tug light on hir nipples, wondering how sensitive the girl's nipples were. Hir member flexed and throbbed inside of the Jack's ass, grinding against hir sister's as shi pumps in and out of hir smaller body. Slowly shi pushes hir form up, looking over the girl's body again, then slowly looking to Onix with a small grin on hir face. "A whole week huh..." Shi knew it wasn't hir place to dicide anything, and hir eyes go quickly to Tina. "That do you think Tina...our own personal fuck toy to use for a whole week..."

Jacqueline Spears turns hir head to the side when shi hears hir mistress starting to get closer. Hir form starts to leand to the side when shi sees hir mistress get onto her knees, thinking that shi was about to be praised for doing something right now, straining hir neck towords hir mistress' body. The first words from hir mistress made hir heard sink, now knowing that shi wasn't going to be praised at all...not even acknowledged. Shi looks down to the floor before looking to the paw that was now toying with hir piercings, letting out a soft murr as shi nuzzles back against the elder, showing that shi was starting to enjoy the two sisters.

Tina Scuro rumbled softly, slipping hir other paw up to take hold of Jac's other nipple and resume toying with the rings found there. Small twists a tugs followed almost the same rythem shi was using within hir stretched out little ass, hir motions changing a little to drag hir spines back and forth across hir poor abused ring, pricking and digging at it before the elder feline pushed hirself in to the hilt again. Eying Wil over Jac's shoulder, shi grinned "Demoness wants us to cream hir face up too...think we can do that?"

Patricia Mink murrs deeply a shi watches the show. hir soft paws having been stroking hir cocks quite slowly, keeping them stiff. Benaeth them and hir swollen sac a slight moistness showed dripping from heir heated slit."mmm I could cream her entire body myself if you wished." Shi winked to the demoness on the stage .

Willow Scuro leans forward just enough to place a soft kiss on Tina's lips before looking back to the slave girl, letting out a soft murr, hir paw now running up and down the girl's length slightly tugging on the ring though hir vein. Shi then looks back to Tina and nods softly. "I think we can do that for the demoness. After all, shi's letting us use her precious little fuck toy, isn't shi?" Shi lets out a long series of moans and murrs, feeling the spines of Tina's member rubbing against the head of hir's, causing a few shivers to run up and down hir spine. "I think I'm starting to get a bit closer...but I can hold back easily enough if you want Tina...'

Jacqueline Spears thrusts back agaisnt the two cocks that were being pushed up into hir tight tailhole, letting out a soft moan to show that shi was enjoying their malehoods now. Shi winces painfully as the spines of the elder's cock start to rub against the rim of hir tailhole, a soft whimper coming from hir mouth from the unpleasent feeling. Shi turns hir head slowly to look back at the elder, letting out another whimper, but being careful to not say anything that might upset either the elder or hir mistress. Shi looks quickly to the one in front when shi speas about cumming on hir face, hir heart sinking a bit more, as shi actually wished they would cum inside of hir, but hir mistress' voice was law to hir, and shi would bend to her will any day.

Eyonix honestly didn't care where it ended up; but it'd be much more fun she thought if the cum was blasted upon hir pretty face. "Either way, sweethearts..." She grinned as she continued to kneel there, eagerly watching. Spooge was going to get a good fucking from her soon enough... though she had to punish a certain bitch for harming her fucktoy. Maybe her daughter could help with that; she glacned down to Nubia and grinned. Yeah, she could. "Go for it, girls."

Patricia Mink released one of hir cocks and worked on just oe a shi moved closer to the three watching the tow sisters athen looking to the fucktoy between them and groaned as hir thick shaft throbbed and dripped with thick pre . Hir soft paw pummping hir cock more an d more "NNngggh I'm.. gonna.. cum soon..Hury ladies I'd like to gie this canine a good cum facial.

Tina Scuro glanced at the mink with a quirked ear "Then you hose hir face...while we give hir en enema...everything works out then..." Shi really didn;t want to move at this point, since Jac was so pleasingly wrapped around hir now, and Wil's close presence was just adding to the thrill. Shi took hold of hir tits firmly in each paw, a firm pawhold so shi could really get into a good rutting pace within Jac's ass. Shi eyed Will for a moment, slinking hir tail out to coil with hir sister's.

Willow Scuro payed no attention to the mink. Shi was with hir sister right now, and when shi was with hir sisters, shi never rushed anything, wanting to make sure they both had a wonderful experiance. Hir paw was now pumping eagerly at Jack's length, the pre that was being squirted from it making the head shiney and very slick, allowing hir to better pump hir without having to pay much attention to hir. Shi looks over to hir sister and smiles as hir tail coils about Tina's, causing hir to smile a bit more as shi leans in, placing a soft kiss on Tina's nose as shi nubbles on the other's ear. "Are you getting close, Tina?" Hir body had started to tense up a bit, but one could tell that shi was easily in control.

Jacqueline Spears was now sandwiched between two gorgeous sisters, and shi was loving it. It had been a long time since shi had been taken like this, with seemingly gentle furres dominating hir, causing only small bits of pain to make hir senses tingle. Not to say that they were better than hir mistress, but they were a bit of a pleasent change for the time being. Shi had eventually joined into their rythem with the help of the elder, letting hir hips rock back and forth to the rythem of their thrusts, a soft murr coming from hir as shi speaks softly. "So good..." Shi was in such ecstacy that shi didn't even notice the mink come up to hir again, being to absorbed in the two sisters.

Patricia Mink groaned and then moaned deeply a shi moved over into postionbefore Jacqueline, hir upper cock throbbing harder within hir pumping paw. Shi looked between the two Scuro's and then grinned a shi aimed hir cock at the fuck-toy's belly still waiting till shi was ready and they had finished in the girls ass. shi would hold back for a long time knowg niether feline wished to coated by the thick cream of this monk.

Tina Scuro twitched hir ear slightly, sticking hir tongue out at Wil "Getting there...but I think we can give this cute little toy a bit more fun before we finish..." Hir cock wanted to say otherwise, but hir will was final and even the rebelious portion of hir body fell into line as it continued to violate and invade Jac's depths alongside the sister feline below. Since one part of Jac's body was being neglected, shi opted to tens to it with a bit of careful wiggling of hir paw, dropping it down beside Wil's stroking one to dip under to press a pair of pawtips up against Jac's femme bits, gentle pressure digging at it before shi slipped either of them in.

Willow Scuro closes hir eyes slowly and lets out a long, pleasureful sigh as shi nods softly. "Alright, Tina..." Shi knew well that shi could make suggestions to the elder, but when the elder made hir choice, it was final, and shi always went along with it. Shi continues to thrust up into Jacky, murring softly as shi leans forward, uncontiously pressing hir lips to the slave's, somewhat forgetting that they were supposed to be using and abusing hir. Hir tongue presses against Jacky's lips before pushing all the way into hir mouth, hir tongue wrestling almost hungrily against the other's as hir other paw moves to start cupping and rubbing hir sac.

Toy Kitten stretches out sleepily, "Mrew.. time for Kitty to sleep, bye byes everyone," she purrs, slinking out of her seat on all fours, sleepily padding out through the doubledoors to find a nice bed to curl up on..

Jacqueline Spears was being bathed with so much attention that shi hardly knew that to do. Shi only knew that shi liked it. Shi liked being treated will and being treated with tenderness, but that wasn't to say that shi was going to turn away from hir mistress and the look of longing towords hir mistress' body showed it. Not matter how pleasureful it was, shi was dedicated to only one creature, hir demoness mistress. Shi looks down slowly between hir own legs when shi feels the elder's paw move between them, letting out a soft gasp as the pawtips press against hir sex, sending a soft shiver up hir spine, though shi was quickly silenced when the other starts to kiss hir, which shi quickly returns, gasping for air through the kiss to show that shi hirself was getting close.

Tina Scuro growled softly into Jac's ear, canine pressing against hir ear as hir grip on hir one breast increased alow with the firm diddling hir pawtips where doing within hir folds. Eying hir sister slowly over Jac's shoulder, shi grinned a bit before pushing in to grind against the stretched ring and settling hir sack against Wil's before shi drew back to drag hir spines once more against Jac's depths. Shi was so close now, each vien individually felt against hir ring as shi dragged against it.

Willow Scuro looked almost like shi wouldn't be able to keep hir composure much longer shi was so close. Each time hir sister's member pressed agaisnt hir own, it felt like a fire of pure pleasure running through hir body, and it didn't help that shi and hir sister were doing all of those extra things to Jacky's body. Hir paw was now beating Jacky's member with a vengence as hir other paw tries to massage the cum out of the smaller toy's balls, pressing hir kiss into hir a bit more before slowly moving away, looking to hir sister with almost pleading eyes. Shi needed to cum, and by the looks of it...badly.

Jacqueline Spears had strange sensations running through hir whole body. Everything was so new, so wonderful. Every bit of pain, every bit of pleasure was rolling up into a mass of something that shi hadn't felt for a long time, and it was causing a tingling sensation in hir sac. Shi hadn't cum from hir member in a long time, and now shi was coing to cum all over a beautiful feline. Hir body starts to tense up as shi takes hold of Wil's shoulders, almost humping hir hand as shi gets closer and closer, until hir orgasm overcomes hir, causing a rather large load to errupt from hir member and onto Wil's stomach.

Tina Scuro could feel the canine whimpe and shift, tensing between them as hir body gave way to the sensations they were inflicting on hir. The elder murred deeply, paw pressing against hir folds again as hir cock swelled against hir ring and pulsed with hir quickened heartbeat. "Now sister..." Shi moaned out, pushing hir cock in to hilt against Jac's ass before the warm surge slipped up along hir cock, tip errupting in a thick rush of creamy seed to coat hir sister below and jac's depths in sticky white.

Willow Scuro giggles softly when Jacky's cum shoots onto hir tummy, a soft smile spreading across hir face as shi looks up to the toy that shi and hir sister were using. "Mmm...you must've been holding that back for awhile. Shi then looks to hir sister and nods quickly, didn't have to be told twice. Shi hilts hirself deep inside of Jacky only a few seconds after hir sister, releasing hir own load of hir creamy seed deep inside of Jacky's ass, the two sister's sex liquids mixing together inside of the girl's body, making an even warmer sensation around their two malehoods as they pressed them deeper and deeper still.

Jacqueline Spears blushes softly at having creamed all over Wil, but shi had no time to say that shi was sorry or do anything else, as shi was suddenly filled with both cocks again. "AAAAIIIEEEE.....AAAAGGHHH....UNGH!" They had definately left their mark on hir. Shi shivers all over from the sudden and imense pleasure of having the two sisters unleash the contents of their sac deep inside of hir body. Shi was actually rather honored to have have been used by them. Slowly shi starts to recognize their slowly rates and shi slowly pushes hirself off of them and looks to hir mistress' form, a soft blush entering hir cheeks. "Mistress...I'm covered with cum...I need a shower..."

Eyonix shook her head, almost disgusted with how low a person would willingly put themselves. But who was she to complain? Everyone was happy, and the Scuro's had themselves a fucktoy for the week. "Mmm... don't look at me, you worthless piece of shit. These two kits are, for the week, your temporary owners. Get them to 'bathe' you." She knew well enough that Spooge wanted her to piss on hir; the Scuro's would have to indulge hir... if they wanted. "Take her with you, do what you want. But. I want her back in one piece." She would snicker as she turned her head to the left and looked upon Kurami; poor girl was going to be her next victim, perhaps.

Kurami wouldn't be, exactly content to join in this little fray of sex and humiliation, really. Red eyes blinked once, then twice. She found the show to be rather disgusting, herself. Feeling sorry for the poor girl in the centre of it all. but not for being taken, but for having to clean all that sticky mess out of her fur afterwards, even if Kura lacked fur. She still had a tail and ears that proved hard enough to clean properly. Then she saw the creature glance to her. This, sent a chill up the poor albino's spine. Mewing quietly as she shuffled herself down the rox of seats, one or two, perhaps.

Eyonix chuckled as she finally rose, winking to poor little Kurami. She turned to the side with the most people on it, and would give a small bow. "I hope the lot of you enjoyed the show... and enjoyed being in it.." She eyed Tina as she said that last bit. "Feel free to take Spooge whenever you wish." She would turn about, leaving the group of them in the room, and exited through the stripper's entrance. </lj>
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