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First entry, first log!

Out of Character-

Well, I've just recently decided to make an LJ for a character of mine on Furcadia, Eyonix. This'll be a place where I put up logs of particularly good roleplay, silly stuff concerning the game, or perhaps even entries into a private notepad by Eyonix herself! I'll make a note as to what each entry into this LJ is so as to let you all know. In addition, to each log I'll put the character's description, and, if they have it, a link to their website. Keep in mind, Eyonix's website can be found at all times in this journal's user information!

Now, I'm going to keep this open to everyone for the time being, but if things get out of hand, it will go friends-only. Now, for the very first log! It was a small orgy. Unfortunately, two of the people involved were European goers, so they had to log out in the middle of it, and that sort of killed the roleplay. It's still full of fucklust, however!


(You see Dia Caduto.)
> Pink hued eyes stare from a solid black coat, telling this panther hungered. Hungered for what, you ask? Lust. This herm was pure black, save the white hair atop hir head. Hir mighty shaft hung flacid, hiding hir feminine side, and a little secret that would please any cum-hungry furre. The only other decipherble differences were three off-black spots. One hidden under the base of hir tail, the others tucked under hir breasts.[]Owned by: The Candy Queen.[]

(You see Jacqueline Spears.)
> []www.freewebs.com/knicklenthethird[] Oh, hey. I'm not really here right now...or I'm playing video games.

(You see Nubia.)
> A devil? Maybe. Tempting, and oh so good in many ways, she'd been known for her enticing seduction, and toying with the weak hearts of either sexes. While in form, she held the figure of a small, yet lovely woman, if a bit human in appearance. Gentle yet deadly, as it would seem. Pinkish eyes gaze out along the crowds, as if to pick out her next victim. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y252/Onisha/succubi.jpg

(You see Maria Starshine.)
> The supple, succulent curves of this slut weaved in and out of the busy crowds gracefully, each body part being groped or rubbed up against as she made her way around. Tight leather netting clung to her arms, boots reaching up to her lower thighs, accentuating every dip along the way. Starting her new life in Furrabia would be difficult, but definitely fun! [Roleplaying character - Long term.] [Happy to accept changes in storyline, No concent] [#] http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v215/Horny_kitty/1.jpg

(You see Jeck.)
> Bare chested for all to see the colloage of many tatoos upon his chest and arms, pierced nipples gleam in the light. He has a pierced bottom lip aswell, crazy green hair falls to his shoulders, as hoops hang from his ears. Black slacks and boots is all he wears the rest of his medium sized build is bare for all to see, his eyes that of a deep bright mischvious green. His smile devious but yet charming, oh a bad boy indeed. [Am'] [Dominate]


Maria Starshine bit into her lower lip gently.. There was just something she couldnt resist about the beautiful girl parading her body outside for all to see. The chance was unmissable, as she made her way towards the seated femme. "Mmh.. Please excuse me, ma'am.. But.." Her nose twitched just a fraction as she inhaled the thick air. "Ngh.. Miss.. It smells like you've got a big fat cock stuffed down there.. May I?" she whispered, suggestively falling to one knee.

Dia Caduto blinked a little as shi walked past, panther herm looked to the one that dropped to her knees, then to the succubus who was to receive treatment. frowning a little shi purred. frowning sad, because it was not hir who was getting anything. Bored and lonely shi moved to sit away from the two, to observe.

Eyonix was simply sitting there, eye closed as she rested upon the soft, cushioned seat. She hadn't a clue anyone actually stopped by till she heard the woman speak up. Cracking her eye, she would spot the admittedly lovely looking female before her. This caused her lips to take on a wicked little grin. Even as the girl suggested such lewd acts as sex already, it would be apparent such had a good reaction; her thong buldged as her cock began to become erect. "Mmm... perhaps..." She grinned as she looked up in time to spot Dia passing by. A small idea popped into her mind, and she would be quick to snap out to the panther; "You! Get behind this bitch and tease her cunt and ass." She wondered if Dia would join in.

Maria Starshine huffed softly, completing her descent down upon the cobbled path. She placed her knees firmly in place, leaning forth slowly to brush her bare, smooth pink cheek up against the subtly bulging thong. With a soft grin of satisfaction her eyes turned skywards. "Mmh.. Ma'am.. You're spoiling this little slut.. I could get used to this sort of treatment.." Her white teeth flashed as her smile naturally grew, lips passing over the thin material of her underwear gently. "May I suck it, pretty please?"

Dia Caduto blinked a little, was a rebel by nature, but her tail cracked like a whip, she was offered candy from a stranger, but she was a hungry kitty, she jumped, litterally hands and legs pushing the bentch away as she lept from it, moving behind Maria hands moving to lift her rump a little giving her better acess. "Tease.. Mrr.. I can do that.. ready.. little one..?" she smirked a little as her tail lifted to brush along Maria's pussy, the fur slidiing against it, one of her fingers pushing against the tight little puckered hole between her cheeks grinning to herself repeating. "Tease the slut.." her cock now, already throbbing she drew in a deep breath and released it in a phant, desperate for any sexual activity. Her tail continuied to brush though her legs against slick pussy purring happly to herself satisfied with her actions, finger movi>>
Dia Caduto: ng slightly inside Maria "Mm..Prr..I can do that good.."

Eyonix reached down with her left hand and placed it upon the back of Maria's head. She would literally cram the girl's face against her hardening length, forcing her to rub against the soft, silky material of the thong. "Mmm... yes. Worship my cock... prove to me you're worthy of a good fucking." She would grin so wickedly as Dia took to her offer; this was most definately going to turn out to be a fun little session. "Yeah... just don't fuck her, or you'll get yourself into the same position she is." Onix would permit Dia to play, so long as the rules were understood and followed. She would spread her legs wider, giving Maria better access to her crotch, eager to see just how talented the whore's mouth was.

Maria Starshine purred softly, her lower half twitching gently as the eager Panthress began to run warm furred tail between her bare thighs, the texture and warmth exciting her to no bounds. Her tight virginous asshole heaved a little, puckering up before giving way, the digits sliding in with ease, due to her perfectly oiled-up orofices. Each was slick and warm, bathed in the natrual heat of a needy-slut. Meanwhilst the girl scrabbled quickly for the warm length, passing cheek and lips over the silky thong several times, before tugging the tip down into her deliciously warm and wet lips, sucking upon the tip hard, tongue swirling around the belled tip like a miniature whirlwind. "Nnnfgh.. Mmhh!" Drool dangled from her lower lip as she got to work, a hand tugging down the tight thong.

Dia Caduto blinked a little as she looked to Eyonix, placing her hands on her hips, her tail never left from Maria's pussy, the tip brushing along maria's clit in small circles, Large breasts were pushed out the way, swelled with her own milk she got on her knees shuffling next to Maria. "I'd much rather.. help suck a nice cock.. and get a nice face fulla cum.. AND tease this here.. slut.. rather then just do one.." her hand moved down Marias back and to her rump once more, finger entering her as she got comfy on her knees, her face near Eyonix's cock, ready to take the shaft with her tounge if givern permission while Maria sucked the head, her finger wriggling in Maria's ass, tail circling more "Just say the word.. and I'll start worshipping this divine cock to.."

Eyonix would almost purr in utter delight as she realised how well she'd hit the jackpot this time. Two obedient little bitches that she could fuck with! "Mmm... such a tempting little offer..." She would smirk as she thought of a few more ideas, storing them for later use. "Little kitty..." She had caught a good look at Dia's shaft, and such had gotten one of her ideas. "Bitch... suck my friend off here... make sure to take her all the way in... deepthroat her filthy whore cock." If one thing pleased Eyonix alot, it was having two playtoys fuck with each other, and letting her sit back to relax and watch a show for a little while.

Maria Starshine's warm lips slipped off the tip of Onix's steamy hot shaft with a soft suckling sound, a shower of crystal saliva hitting her belly. In an instant the little slut swapped positions, ducking beneath the feline's torso to stuff the bulging panthress shaft into her mouth, sucking back as much of its bulging mass she could possibly manage, tongue sliding over each super-sensitive vein in turn. She had to turn a little though, finger's and tail's grip of her backside most likely lost as she swerved around to service yet another delicious herm-dick. "Nnnffghh!"!

Dia Caduto placed a quick peck to Eyonix's shaft as a thankyou, her finger pushing deep into maria's ass tail pushing past her clit staight into her pussy plunging deep as she turned around to face Maria, cock hard throbbing with wantm three off spots on her body one under the base of her tail and two under her big swelled breasts. she smirked a little "Mmn.. Thank you thank you.." she moaned, like a song her moans, filled with passion as Maria lashed her tounge around her thick head and shaft, purring widely as she grasped at random things with her free hand clawing, while her over hand clawed, causing her to push her finger, ever deeper into maria, before it started pumping "Ooh god.. yes.. such a nice good tounge.."

Nubia meanwhile, from afar was drooling in her own excitement as she watched her mistress make these creature's her's. Oh damn her to heaven! She had been to a brighter place than hell now! Luck never knew such poissibilities as she watched on through the bush with wide eyes. She made no move to joy the fray... her mistress was content with her little show, and Nubia would not dare to interupt. However scarce she was, she was beginning to understand how much power such a cruel, throaty voice held over the lesser beings of this world, and especially the human whore. Not even the great halls of lust in hell had such a whore as her perhaps... sucha wonderful jewel indeed.

Eyonix would sniff the air; it was heavy with the scent of sex already, apparent with how turned on the three of them seemed to be. But there was something more in the air... someone else familiar. The scent was all too familiar. "NUBIA!" Oooh, she knew that little bitch was hiding around somewhere. "Get out here, damn you!" She would smile as her prick was kissed; oh, she loved it. Right hand would begin to stroke herself off as the two pets before her began to get into it with each other, eye observing every single action. Already she was feeding from the fucklust that eminated from the two of them. "Yeah... suck that slut's cock good, slave."

Nubia winced when she heard her mistress' voice sound, and gave a lusty shudder. More than happy enough to move from her hiding spot, she slips from the bush, and across the pathway. Only moving the smoothest of movements, and steps. Spaded tail curling about itself excitedly as she sets herself down at her mistress' feet. Happilky awaiting her first command, even if she knew what was to be requested..

Maria Starshine purred out loudly, mouthing and sucking at the juicy black cock like a toy, messily sliding her tongue this way and that, back and forth and across the bulging tip. The very end of her tongue even threatened to explore the inner depths of the warm cock, wriggling hungrily at the sperm-chute hungrily. Thick droplets of gooey white saliva dribbled down across her chin and lips, lacing her face nicely in a bright white trail of spittle. Her only words were soft moans as her little bum was invaded by the pair of fingers, passage seemingly swallowing the digits down in thirst.

Dia Caduto continuied to claw at the floor, claws raking at the black paving cobble lips parted as she gave out a mighty roar in passion eyes shutting as she added another finger to the fry, pushing it into Maria's ass, the furred tail skillfully pushing in and out of Maria's pussy

Eyonix would reach out with her free hand to pat her little succubus pet's head. "Mmm, good girl... don't ever hide again, though. Your punishment for that is coming soon enough." Ah, not that it was really punishment she had in mind. She grinned as she nodded to the two that were getting it on. She loved each slurping noise, each moan. "Those two seem to love playing with each other, don't they? I think you should join them. Get the panther slut to suck you off until you get off in her mouth." She would continue to jerk herself off, squeezing her shaft moderately.

Jeck would be walking the grounds, making his usual rounds before he had to stop and watch, what a sight this all was.

Nubia lowered her head softly, letting her head tilt up and down slowly into a nod. She understood, not that it really was punishment, not to the succubi, it wasn't. Letting the clips of her thong unsnap, and fall to the ground. As if like a spring, her seven inches of thick, throbbing dominic cock sprang forth. Veils shown a dark purple as she grinned to herself. Indeed, this one was a 'little' horny. Smooth slit drooling hotly, making her inner thighs nice and slick. Standing with a bit of a stagger, she came to the pnathress, and growled herself, lustily. SHowing the fat cock that needed attention to the feline.

Maria Starshine squeaked loudly, popping the fat shaft from off her mouth, taking several deep breaths. Both warm human hands curled up around the fat black shaft, pumping at it eagerly, desperate to down its hot sticky fluid, feel it slip and slide down her throat. Eyes peaked upwards, looking curiously as the beautiful lady clad in pink, sliding a hand up the gradually moistening thigh. Fingertips toyed with the warm pussylips gently, teasing at their surface and insides with the greastest of care - Lips slipping obediently back over the throbbing cock once she'd got a firm grip.

Dia Caduto purred happly as she moaned out taking the cock in her hand and pushing it into her mouth eyes shutting as she begain to breath though her nose, her tougue lashing about the cock head in circles hand pulling at the cock, grasping it firmly trying not to claw at the new demon cock her mouth had come to aquire pumping two fingers in and out of Marias ass tail pushing and wriggling deeper, and deeper in her pussy while she was being jerked off by maria, moans filling the air, purring loudly causing lips to vibrate on the demon cock in her mouth "Mmnf.." saliva begain to coat the cockhead free hand pulling at it trying to extract and milk the demon seed "Mrr..Want it.. on my face.. in my mouth..." her pussy was wet, juices pouring soaking her own thighs. "Mm..Messy.. messy..messy.." she spoke over the cock inbetween moans.

Jeck arms were crossed over his chest, he tried to look a perfosinal as possible, for his duty was as a guard, but the buldge in his pants was sure not to go un noticed as he watched the four herm go at it, in the front yard of the mansion.

Eyonix's own fat, veiny cock was throbbing with a fucklust she'd rarely known. She was insanely turned on by what was happening. As Dia took her little succubi's cock into her mouth. That was the last straw for Eyonix; she slipped off of the seat, and would come to stand right behind Nubia. She'd remove her thong quickly, tossing it to the side, in Jeck's direction unknowingly. She'd then close the gap between her body and Nubia's, and would prerss her own cock right between the younger succubus' legs, thrusting it so that the top part of the shaft slid along that drooling cunny. Head of her cock would press out beneath Nubia's own, teasingly aimed at Dia. "Mmm, such cute little sluts I've gathered up tonight." And then she would spot another little pet of hers! Jaqueline, or Spooge as she was now better known as. She grinned as she looked around then, trying to find a place for the slut to come in at. And that's when she noticed Jeck finally... and his hard-on. "Spooge! Go and play with that dear man over there... if he would like to anyway." Ahh, poor guy!

Nubia lips curled up in a soft hiss of pleasure. Pearly white fangs gleaming in the light as her hips softly began to thrust into the sucking mouth of the panthress. Smooth skin slightly turning red with delight when the paw firmly gripped at it... and only the slightest of prickles from a claw, sent a cold shudder through the creature's body. Attempting to force what she could of her cock down that lovely furred creature's throat. Aggressive indeed. Showing her more violent side before her mistress. Lacing her fingers into the panthress' hair, grabbing hand fulls of it tightly. Feeling her mistress' form near her own. Nubia moaned allowed now, showing a sign of submission for the older and much more experienced succubi. Shuddering more when she felt their two shafts tease at the pnathress.

Jacqueline Spears nods obidiently to hir mistress and walks over to the large male, trying hard to hide hir fear of the large male. A paw moves slowly up his legs and to the wonderful hardon the male was sporting and leans forward slowly, giving it a few playful licks as both paws wrap around it, giving it a few squeezes. It had been a long time since shi had sucked off a full male, but they were no different from herms. As long as a mouth was on them, they didn't care. With that, hir lips wrap about the head of the male and shi starts to suckle softly, looking up to him with a rather innocent but still very slutty look as hir tail swishes back and forth.

Maria Starshine purred an almighty purr, sliding her lips off the slick shaft, watching as each of the people around her began to frame her little body, asshole twitching as it was generously pounded by a pair of warm fluffy fingers. "Hnnnf.. S.. Somebody plug my pussy too!" came her soft yelping over the moans and groans of the delightful playmates around her - Thick slippery tongue sliding in a tight spiral over the tip of Dia's shaft, before stuffing the thick member tightly into her throat, feeling it wriggle down and gag her poor little gullet.

Dia Caduto moaned loudly as he hand begain to pump in Marias ass more and more, her maw was pushed wide, one cock going down her throat, as another demon cock was offered nodding she pushed her maw over both the cocks, placing her hand between both their thighs pushing a finger into each one, eyes shutting as slutty lips brushed along the two cocks while her own was being serviced, "Puh-leease! Let me fuck the human with me cock! while I suck you both off!" she pleaded looking up to the two demons.

Jeck would, have watched the thong fly with a grin, but then she orderd him to be serviced!, oh hell this job had some perks, he would look down with his neon green gaze, as his hands proceeded to move the hair from the girls face. Letting her know he was as gentle as they come, soon a soft deep growl came from his muzzle, as she began to tease and work his, member it alreadyd dripping with pre cum. he would, acually begin to move in and out of her mouth abit, deeper moans and growls begging.

Eyonix would teasingly pull her cock back, removing it from Dia's mouth as it closed over it. "Mmm, fine... fuck her cunt good, but don't stop sucking my little cunt here." Onix would reach her hands under Nubia's arms at that point, reaching around to cup each breast in her hands to squeeze tightly, her nails digging against the flesh. "Mmm, you like that panther whore's mouth on your cock you filthy little cum slut?" Grinning with obvious pleasure, she would turn to look over at Jeck and Spooge. Great! She picked her voice up then, making sure that everyone would be able to hear her. "Change of plans, dears... first load you all blow goes on that little human slut..." A hand would momentarily be diverted to point towards Maria, indicating her to be the first victim to get a cum bath.

Nubia moaned breathlessly when she felt the mouth close around her's, and her mistress' cock. Feeliong the sensative heads rub at each other... gods, she had never felt something so divine. Squeaking softly when her mistress had cruelly gripped her breasts, and dug her nails painfully, yet oh so blissfully into her supple breasts. Splashing a soft squirt of precum into the panthress' maw. Thrusting her hips forward to send it deep into her mouth. Such a selfish little demon. Still holding the pathress' head of hair firmly. Fucking that sucking mouth with all the more urge.

Jacqueline Spears lets out a soft murr over his member, sending vibrations up and down it's length. Shi pushes hirself deeper and deeper onto his cock, closing her eyes slowly. Shi stops for only a second when his head touches the back of his throat, adjusting her position and relaxing hir throat to let it slide down in until he was hilted inside of hir mouth and throat. Hir tongue presses and rubs over the underside of his member as a paw cups and rubs his balls, giving them a very soft squeeze before shi slowly pulls off of his member, giving the tip a few rough licks before speaking softly. "Sir...if you want to fuck my throat, please do so...my throat can take it..." With that, shi slides back down until he was hilted inside of her again, only now shi waited for him.

Maria Starshine squeaked loudly, her entire body shivering as Onix spoke those special little words, ears ringing as she checked to hear if she really heard right - All these incredible creatures would be treating her to a cumbath?! In pure delight she cooed and purred, slurping her fat tongue over Dia's sticky black cockhead over and over, trying desperately to coax every drop of delicious cream from hir sack. Lips smacked back suddenly as her brain slowly triggered what was to happen - This fat cock was going to wedge itself firmly into her little tight human cunt - Joy! She twitched and purred in wait, two hands sliding back to part sweet dripping pussylips, mouth opening ready for any who would like to reclaim it.

Dia Caduto murred happly as she quickly moved from marias mouth, without hesitation tail lashed out of her pussy like a whip, her cock replacing it while one hand was held onto her ass still pumping it with fingers, her mouth suckling over the demon pussy and cock offered to her moaning happly as she did it. Then she received precum, addicted to any form of cum, her eyes shut she moaned lapping at any precum that escaped, a bit hard to trap demon cock AND suck a demon pussy at the same time, but she managed moaning loudly as she entered into Maria, pumping into her widly, like a horse, roaring against the cock and pussy in her mouth. "MnnRROWWWL!" she approved.

Eyonix decided that it was time she started getting herself some of that pleasure that was being spread around the little group so lovingly. She'd made her mind up to take Maria under her care; and, if she could, that Dia would make an interesting pet as well. She would shudder as she shifted her hips, and would thrust forward, sending her cock to press against the tight little rosebud of an asshole that Nubia had. Precum would smear over it, making it easier for the next push of her hips. Shaft would penetrate that tight little hole, and it'd be only a split second till she pressed herself so far into Nubia's ass. She let out a long groan of bliss as she rested for a moment. And then she would begin to fuck that tight hole, thrusting back and forth, slowly and then quickly, keeping a random pace to keep that slut on her toes.

Jeck would moan deeply, as he began to thrust in and out of the girls mouth, gripping her hair slightly. as he watched the scene before them, pre cum ozzed from his shaft, as he watched. and her deep throting made him let out the most feral roar. of pleasure. his eyes was fixed on the four fucking, licking his own lips, thick cock thriobbing in the mouth of his own little play toy at the moment.

Nubia squeals in a high pitched shriek. Delighted and over powered whens eh felt her body literally pushed off its feet as her mistress drove in her cock. like a mighty battering ram to her rear gates. Tight hole clenched down, wrapping her tail tightly about the succubi's waist as she endured, and enjoyed the torturous attention. Breathlessly maoning as she let her cock slide from the sucking mouth. Only to ram right back in again. Feeling her muscles tense, and her body shudder like an ever lasting earthquake. "Gonna blow..." she breathlessly says, but even if she did, she wouldn't be finished.

Jacqueline Spears starts to slowly move hir head up and down along with the rythem that the male was giving hir to work with, letting out another deep moan and sending vibrations up and down his wonderful cock. Both paws move to his sac, rubbing those precious jewls in hir delicate but pleasing paws as shi takes his cock, sucking as through his cum were a lifesaving cream, and shi was on the verge of death. Hir eyes slowly travel up his body to see the pleasure his face, which caused hir to ownly move hir head back and forth faster, wanting to make sure he would cum.

Jeck would growl deeply, it was time shi got a little pleasure of her own, using the brute strength the guard possed, he esily turned them into a standing 69, he would lick softly at her herm cock, down to her wet pussy lips below the monster shaft, his tounge teasing and poking, and nibbling along the shaft, he alwasy made sure his parner had a nice orgasm as well.

Eyonix's fingers would wrench those breasts, twisting them in her palms as she heard her slut say such a thing. "Make sure you fucking blow on that cuntface, then!" Apparently she was serious about the first wad of cum from everyone being for Maria. She would continue to piledrive into her little fucktoy, enjoying the tight, heated flesh that her pet succubus provided. It was quite wonderful; and with all the sexual dealings going on, her arousal was at quite the high. She was quite pleased with how well this was all going; she'd not have to feed for days after this! Pre-cum would continue the lather up the slave's rectum, making the fucking so much smoother and quicker as she savagely fucked Nubia's rear end.

Maria Starshine purred deeply, feeling the fat panthress cock pummel her greedly little human pussy, the slick hot pink folds dripping with arousal, practically gobbling up the massive length with great hunger. Inside it was so tight, suckling upon the length with every pull out, and pushing back like a pair of piled up hands with every push in, masturbating the fat cock inside her body skillfully. Lower lip hung open, drool spilling over it to stain the floor as the thought of getting everyone's loads on her set her body alight.

Dia Caduto moaned loudly as she got the warning nodding she moaned louder her lips lovingly wrapping around the cock her hand moving from Maria's tight ass so that she could give her attention on the young demons climax, eyes shut as he tougne lashed lovingly across the cock head hands squeesing as she gave a slight moan. "Yes... cum in my mouth...please..I want your cum.." feline fangs begain to graze the cock shaft trying to coax the cum into her mouth one of her hands sliding between nubias legs pushing three fingers into her, still trying to coax that cum she wanted so bad... but was denied, her lips pulled from the young demons cock as she pouted hand rubbing at the cock aiming it for marias face, three fingers pounding the demons pussy, sad expression on her face. she'd worked darn hard to. She'd get over it>>
Dia Caduto hips bucked up into the human girl now, filling her over and over and over with her cock eyes shutting "Mmn.. Close myself.. Rowl..Where do you want my cum.. human slut.."

Nubia gritted her teeth tightly, nearly breaking off her fangs as she did so. Feeling the furthered suction form the panthress, but she would dare not cum. Even it if meant shoving a finger into ehr piss slit, she wouldn't cum. Feeling her pull away and aim her cock to the little bitch human. Giving a both pained, and pleased moan of release. Wad after wad of thick, white cum splashed onto the girl's face, and back blissfully. Six strings of thick wads, to be expect. But she didn't stop there. Thrusting her hips back blissfully into her mistress. Feeling another orgasm rise in ehr loins, and her shaft as the other fingered her.

Jacqueline Spears gasps sharply as the large guard so easily picks up hir much lighter form so that shi was upside down. A long, pleasureful moan comes from hir again as his tongue flicks over hir very hard member and hir slit, and a soft sigh of pleasure escaping hir when his tongue when back to hir cock, giving him an uncontious hint as to where shi wanted him to suck and please hir. It had been a long time since anyone had wanted to please hir cock, and shi wished it so badly. Hir mouth was now sliding up and down the long male cock with ease, hir tongue soaking it with hir saliva so that shi could start paying more attention to the more sensitive areas. Shi pulls hir head back and sucks eagerly on the tip of his shaft, almost as if using it as a straw to get to the creamy treat.

Maria Starshine squealed in delight, feeling her feautres being painted with the glowing hot cream from the demon clad in pink. Dia would have little choice other than to blow hir thick load inside her pussy, as walls clamped down and massaged for dear life, the hot goo upon her lips and cheeks spinging her first orgasm off, slick juices bathing the fat black cock buried in her hottest, silkiest depths of flesh. She groaned aloud in intense pleasure - Having never in her entire lifetime been surrounded by so much lust and passion, the mere sounds of flesh flapping against flesh, and liquid pumping every which way made her dizzy!

Dia Caduto purred loudly as she grasped nubia's cock in one hand once more tounge lashing around it putting it back into her mouth suckling tounge swirling while three fingers pumped in and out of Nubia, eyes shutting "Mnf.. Yess! Prrr! Meow!" eyes shut as she plunged her cock deep into Maria, eyes shutting as her cockthrobbed, cum spraying deep into her, eyes clentched shut as she climaxed, moaning and phanting.as lips sealed over Nubia's cock once more.

Jeck would groan deeply, holding off the sweet man milk that was boiling in his balls, as he held her up with one hand, the other raised and wraped around her thick, cock, as he began to nibble on the base of the large member stroking it nice and good gripping it tight, he wanted to make her blow a lod like never before, he hoped the human was ready for, a real mess.

Nubia face wrinkled up and grimaced when she felt the lips wrap around her cock again. Quickly pulling away as her cock swelled with another hot, and possibly her last load of cum. Such a little cum cannon. Squirting another few wads of cum before she softly came to a shuddering, and quite limp halt. Weakly bending her knees just slightly as she struggled to stay on her feet. Softly panting at the last bits of cum coating the human slut.

Jacqueline Spears murrs heavily onto the wonderful man meat that shi had been told to tend to, a paw moving back to it and pumping it harshly while shi sucked so heavily on the tip. Hir other paw moves back to his sac, rubbing those wonderful balls of his to try and coax that wonderful creamy treat out of them. Shi prayed that he would move over to the human slut when he was ready, knowing that shi would be severly punished if his cum wasn't on the human. The soft nips at the base of hir cock combined with the pumping of his paw was bringing hir closer and closer to hir orgasm...it seemed that the human would have plenty of cum to bathe in.
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