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Using people... is fun

OOC- Well, here's a new log that I promised a while back, and I would like to think that it was worth the wait! I've been sick lately, so that's the reason of the lack of logs once again. I've got a bad streak here lately it seems, huh? Oh well; shit happens I guess. Anyway. This log is of Eyonix dominating one of her bosses, Itsumi Charr, without doing anything too harmful really.

Read all about it

Itsumi Charr is sitting at the desk wearing a pair of reading glasses. Shi doesn't usually, but has been staring at papers all day long. Shi's sitting with hir legs crossed and writing, flipping pages, yawning. Shi takes a moment to glance around, waving to Eyonix. "Onix, sweetie... have you seen Christina lately? The eight foot something husky that works here?"

Eyonix had word passed to her that Itsumi was wanting to get some information from her, so she had proceeded towards the back rooms of the Mansion, and came to a halt at the receptionist desk outside of the main office. She would slouch as she stood there, left arm crossed under her breasts to push them up slightly and palm up-turned. Right elbow settled into it, and she'd pick her arm up so that right hand would come just before her face. She'd blow over her long nials as she looked at Itsumi, listening to the woman who was in 'charge' of her, at least sort of. "I'm not your sweetie." Her tone was flat, emotionless, though one could tell she didn't like the affectionate term. "How did you lose an eight foot tall person? It would be hard to miss them in a crowd." People could pick even her out at her meager six foot or so; eight feet was another level, and quite litrally. That was also her rhetorical answer to Itsumi's question.

Itsumi Charr smiles at Eyo, still polite. Instead of starting at the second question, shi merely sets hir pen down and sits up a little taller in the seat to watch Eyo. "Well, what nickname would you prefer? I have a habit of giving everybody one." Hir indigo eyes watch the demoness, sort of neutral about her. Shi didn't dislike Eyonix, but shi really had no reason to like her all that much either. She just sort of was, to Itsumi.

Eyonix would open her mouth and slowly let her tongue come out, which she would press her index nail against, licking it and then her finger. She'd pull it away after a few moments to reply; "Eyonix is just fine. Onix, if you must." She would look down at the paper work scattered across the desk and offer a slight frown. "Is that all?" Before the manager could respond, she was already turning about, tail thumping lightly against the desk, readying to leave it seemed. She even took a step away.

Itsumi Charr watches Eyo move and start to pull away from the desk. Shi thinks the girl impatient or, perhaps, doesn't like hir much. Shi drums all hir fingers across the countertop once, then slips hir glasses off to set aside. "Well, Onix," shi says as the demoness starts to leave. Shi blinks softly, watching the girl start to leave the room, head tilting off to one side. "Do you need to be somewhere? You seem in a hurry."

Eyonix would halt in her tracks, and would cast her head to look over her right shoulder back at Itsumi, brow raised curiously. "Oh? There is more to what you want?" She would turn herself about to face Itsumi, and would lean her head down, tilting her eyes upward to keep staring at the woman. Did she ever blink? "If you must know, I'm going to go out, sit upon my table, and wait for an interesting woman to come by to... well, do my job." Seems she had a twisted way of doing her work; she'd simply pounce anyone who was interesting enough and seemingly worthy enough to be her playtoy, domme them, and then release them to do whatever they did after getting a good butt humping. "Perhaps you'd like to be on the recieving end?"

Itsumi Charr blinks at Eyo, compensating for the lack that Eyo displays. Shi turns in hir seat and leans forward slightly to lean on the table, arms crossed there, nose lifting upward to watch the humanoid demoness girl. Hir lips draw into a smile, listening to the words, sort of becoming amused by them. Eyo was probably a demoness after all. "Is that a threat, Miss Onix, or an offer?" shi asks in a pretty little way, dark eyelashes rising and falling with a little flutter.

Eyonix would lower both hands down to press against the edges of the desk on her side, and she would then lean heavily towards Itsumi. Eyes would shift to gaze into the seemingly depthless ones of Itsumi, rather beautiful at that. There was no doubt that Eyonix was of demonic origin; fleshy tail, sinewy bat-like wings, claw like nails, and a nasty habit to get off on others pain and pleasure. "Does it matter?" She would then leap up on to that desk so suddenly, landing perfectly and effortlessly it seemed on her bare feet. She'd been careful not to crush the womans glasses, as well as to land in a spot where her feet wouldn't be atop of any paperwork or anything else; though she did have to stand on just her toes pretty much. She would rise up to stand her full height atop of that desk, and would balance herself by pressing the tip of her tail against the desktop as well. She'd then lift her left foot up and press it against Itsumi's shoulder, and urged her to lean back.

Itsumi Charr stays leaning forward and watching Eyo, up until the girl bounds onto the desk. Shi jerks back a bit as if afraid shi was about to be jumped on, then settles slightly, heartbeat a bit fast. Hir eyes turn upward highly as they move up that figure up to Eyo's head, right after looking to her cute little human feet and seeing they aren't on top of anything. Shi then blinks as the foot moves to hir shoulder and starts hir back, pushing hir into the chair, causing it to tilt back on two legs until Sumi's pressed against the wall.

Eyonix would grin as she pulled her foot away, only to begin to slide down off of the desk and into Itsumi's lap. Without the pressure from her foot against the chair, it was likely the woman would begin to lean forward again; so as she slid down she would use that agile tail to push against the desk, keeping leverage against the chair to keep it back against the wall. "I can hear your heart. You're not... scared, are you?" She would grin as she leaned forward, pressing her body fully against Itsumi's. "I'm completely harmless, dear Itsumi." She leaned her head in, bringing her lips so close to Itsumi's, barely just brushing them against hers.

Itsumi Charr blinks hir pretty blue eyes when the demoness slides down into hir lap and keeps the chair leaning back against the wall. The position is a little iffy for Sumi, and shi feels like shi might fall over, which keeps hir on hir toes, quite literally, toetips barly touching the carpet below. Shi turns upward to look at the humanish face as it slips up against hir muzzle in a near-kiss. "You startled me," shi mumbles against those lips, hir ears slowly flattening back. But, this strange girl was a little more than odd, Sumi's heartbeat stayed the same.

Eyonix was obviously taking in a good bit of joy as she listened to Itsumi's heart pounding within that chest. "Little old me?" Little was a lie; anything six foot or better couldn't be considered small in the least bit, especially with those demonic wings attached to their shoulder blades and that ghastly, spaded tail. She would open her lips slightly, and would slip her tongue out to brush over Itsumi's, tasting the woman and savoring it. "Aren't you enjoying yourself? Doesn't a little bit of thrill go a long way to heighten ones experience?" Her left hand would trail upwards, moving to cup Itsumi's right breast and give a good, firm squeeze. "Aren't you eager to see and feel all that I have to offer?"

Itsumi Charr squints slightly, ears laying back flat against hir skull. Shi makes a small whining noise when hir lips are licked at so, making them part just a bit to suck in a breath of air. Shi swallows, hir eyes halfway shutting when the hand raises up and slips around hir middle C cup breasts, under the Indian design shirt. Shi shifts slowly underneath, legs drawing apart a little bit, but shi wobbles on the chair and nearly gasps, not wanting to topple over, toetips still pressed at the carpet. Shi tries to adjust hirself, a tent shown in the front of that skirt now. "I..."

Eyonix would take in the womans lower lip then, biting upon it softly for the moment. She wouldn't try to draw blood from this one; after all, she did enjoy her job, and hurting Itsumi might potentially cause her dismissal. Left hand would continue to fondle that covered breast, squeeze and lifting, with an occasionally light twist. Nothing had yet been done to construe any pain upon her, though that could definately change. She'd relenquish that lip then, leaning on a few inches back. "You what, Itsumi? You want this... I know you do..." They all did, afterall; or maybe that was just her bloated ego talking again, thinking that others wanted her, even if she caused them nothing but pain.

Itsumi Charr utters a soft 'uuhn...' as hir lip is released, blinking and murmuring. Eyo was an ebil scary succubus, sure, but the little nips and teases were really rather arousing to hir, almost gentle and playful in nature, though of course some of them might've ended in bloodshed otherwise. Hir indigo eyes watch the demoness, unable to speak yet... what did shi want? Did shi want to be bent over the desk and fucked? Hir heartbeat raced a little at that though. Shi maybe did want that, but couldn't voice it.

Eyonix chuckled quietly as her employer seemed to space out, going into a 'stupid' trance of sorts while she continued to wittle away at Itsumi's confidence and succeptibility to Onix's game. "I know what you want..." she began as she lowered her right hand down, running it between their bodies, palm against Itsumi's garb, "You just want a nice, hard cock, don't you? Filling you up until it spills load after load in your tight pussy." She grinned as her fingers felt that lump in the skirt, and they would quickly squeeze about the material on that hard-on. "Or maybe you'd like it up the ass, hm?"

Itsumi Charr whimpers softly, lower lip quivering as shi's sat upon and confronted by this demoness type, feeling like shi's weak and vulnerable, since Eyo has a lot of experience doing this kind of thing. Hir eyes draw shut tightly, lips peeled back in a slight grimace as the hand slips around hir cock under that little brown tight skirt. Shi's swelling to full at the attention, smooth ebony cock at ten inches. "N... nnh..." shi mumbles, squirming just cutely, toetips leaving the carpet below. "Nhaaa..."

Eyonix would offer a bit of a harsher squeeze to that prick within her hand, still separated by only that clothing Itsumi wore, though the squeeze would still be effective nonetheless. "You don't like it up the ass? Ooh, I would bet it's nice and tight if you don't..." She just knew she'd bend this woman over the desk and fuck ther anally; perhaps it'd get the other hooked on anal sex. "You like this, don't you? Feeling helpless, scared... you know I could hurt you badly..." She leaned down, nosing her way under Itsumi's chin to nip lightly at her neck. She'd bite down on the fur covered flesh, softly though, and chew lightly for a few moments. She'd begin slide her legs down, feet touching against the floor, and then she'd rise up. She would pick her right leg up, and swing it back carefully over the desk. Hands pulled away from Itsumi as she stood to the woman's side. "Stand and strip."

Itsumi Charr didn't dislike anal... shi'd just never really recieved before. Once or twice perhaps, but shi was near virgin there. Shi shudders at all the delicate words and the bite at hir neck, one of hir more sensitive areas, next to hir ears. Shi whimpers again, the words caressing across hir mind, tricking hir into believing them, whether they're true or not. When the command came, shi obeyed it almost automatically, sliding up to hir purple toed feet and pulling at the skirt until it falls easily, showing the ten inch ebony shaft, fuzzy little sacs, and a gradually moistening slit. Shi chews hir lip a sshi undoes the shirt and slips it off hirs houlders so it can fall, leaving hir now nude save jewelry.

Eyonix would slowly lick her lips as she watched her boss strip herself, taking in the beautiful sight before her with a small hint of awe; she sometimes wished she had fur on her body, had more feline or canine characteristics so she'd fit better into the world she'd been thrust into. She snapped herself out of her littler fantasy, and would move around behind Itsumi. Left hand would close about the back of the other's neck, and would push rather brutishly down, forcing Itsumi to bend over that desk. "You obey like such a good little slut... I think this is what you wanted when you sent for me... to get a good fucking on your desk." She would lean tap her right hand on either of Itsumi's inner thighs, urging the woman to spread her legs further.

Itsumi Charr tenses at the hand around hir neck, wanting to protest before shi's pushed down so firmly into the desk with a soft moan. Hir nose touches the cold black surface as shi bends down over it, hard nipples stiffening moreso against the surface, hir cock pushing down against it and pulsing a bit. Shi does spread hir thighs, bare toes touching the carpet below, and hir paws outstretch to grip the edge of the secretery desk. Did shi send for this? Shi wanted Eyo to fuck hir? Did shi? By now, shi couldn't even remember what shi wanted... now all shi can think of is getting stuffed.

Eyonix was absolutely basking in the power that she was exerting over her boss; how often could an employee tell a tale of fucking their own boss in such a lustful manner? She began to lower herself then, her hands sliding down along Itsumi's sides until they reached her hips. There they gripped lightly, holding the woman where she was as she leaned forward, pressing her nose between Itsumi's thighs to take a deep breath of air. "You're wet... just like a bitch in heat." She let her tongue free of her lips then, slipping it up against Itsumi's puckered asshole, licking it overjust once. Hopefully the woman kept clean; either way, though, it wouldn't matter. She'd press a kiss to that naughty area before cramming her face in tighter against Itsumi's rear, tongue stretching out to lick further, teasing along Itsumi's sweet pussy lips and tasting the moisture that had been building up.

Itsumi Charr groans deep, hir fingers curling around the edge of the desk tightly, claws unsheathing. Shi rests firmly on the furniture, hir swollen cock pulsing and throbbing against the cold surface as shi starts to pant. The heavy breath against hir backside, the licking, oh the licking... Hir cunt is moist, dripping wet, sopping wet. Hir tongue slips out of hir mouth, stretching forward and over the front of hir lips in a deep moan. With another whine, hir toes curling, shi murmurs patheticlly, "Onix... please... f-fuck me... Onix..."

Eyonix knew she had won when Itsumi begged her so pathetically, asking for the succubus to fuck her. He sent a cold shiver up the demoness' spine; victory once again was a wonderful thing as always. She would pull her tongue back, leaving a wet trail of those sopping juices from her cunt as well as saliva in the fur. She would lower her left hand down to her own crotch now; she was certainly turned on by all that had been happening, as well as slightly hard though no where near enough to give Itsumi the romping she was begging for. She would slip her thong off from her cock, and would wrap her fingers about the shaft and begin to squeeze and jerk herself off slowly, working herself up as she began to lick, slurp, and suckle loudly against Itsumi's asshole and buttocks, every now and then actually biting into the delicate ass cheek on either side.

Itsumi Charr tightens hir grip on the desk, knuckles turning white under the pressure. Shi pants, hir muzzle parted and tongue slipped off the front between a couple sharp teeth, slipping up and down as it bounces between each little breath. The licks and nibbles were too arousing, making hir eyes tighten inward and little whines drift rom hir lips. Shi wanted it now more than ever, hir generally black cock appearing a little reddish in tint, hir ass tightening at all the little licks, hir pussy dripping wet, letting sweet-smelling honey drip down hir thighs. "Onix... please..." shi cries.

Eyonix absolutely loved hearing this woman beg; she would have to make Itsumi endure this more often it seemed. After a little bit more of her teasing licks and nips and jerking off of herself she would begin to rise, cock hardened to its full nine inches. "Please what, Itsumi?" She would shift her hips forward, pressing her length between Itsumi's thighs so that it would rub simultaneously against both her asshole and her sopping wet pussy, and even against those furry little sacks that were part of her male genitalia. She would slowly begin to thrust back and forth, simply rubbing her shaft against all of these, continuing her teasing game as always.

Itsumi Charr whines loudly, sounding like a dog in heat, needing cock badly, grinding onto that desk and smearing white precum onto it. Shi even pushes back at Eyo's shaft, grinding and rubbing against it, trying to force it to penetrate hir. Shi almost sobs at the teasing words, ears laid back flat as shi cries out, "Fuck me, Onix! Oh please, fuck me, fuck me..." Shi wants it now so bad, and can't see why Eyo is just pushing hir buttons more... just fuck me, shi thinks, do it now, hard, fast, oh please...

Eyonix had a small purpose in this teasing of rubbing her cock against the woman's privates; as her dick passed along the honey sweet, wet pussy it would gather the juices against it, and would rather lather it up quite well. "So be it!" She would pull back, and with deft accuracy, shifted her hips so that as she pushed back forward, her bulbous cockhead would press against that tight anal ring, pushing against it hard until her shaft would slide into that asshole. She'd not take but a few moments to fully penetrate Itsumi, hilting herself all the way in till her balls slapped forward and up against Itsumi.

Itsumi Charr jerks at being pierced so fast and deep, hir body bowing high, chest rising up and head being thrown back, tongue tossing saliva from its tip to sparkle in the air. Shi clamps tight at that cock taking hir ass, squeezing it with virgin tightness. Shi pants out louder and deeper, hir breaths easily audible, hir heartbeat at its peak as shi's thrust into and taken in that tight rear hole.

Eyonix's hands would move quickly to grasp Itsumi's shoulders to shove her back down against the desk as she rested deep within the womans poor, taut asshole. Right hand would slip away from the shoulder while left would move to wrap about the back of Itsumi's neck once again. She would begin to pull out of Itsumi's rear end, only to return with a strong pump forward; she would begin to set a small rhythym of pulling out slowly only to quickly penetrate the bitch in heat once again. Right hand would move down, curling so as to come near to Itsumi's crotch so that she could take a hold of that thick, ebony cock to begin slowly jerking her off.

Itsumi Charr presses down onto the countertop willingly, panting still, tongue hanging out and steadily dripping spittle onto the carpet over the edge. Hir hips raise just a bie when Eyo's hand slips up under there, and shi lets out an oh so loving sigh when the hand wraps around hir cock, glad hir release will be coming, worried shi might have to suffer the pounding and then skitter off into the back to jerk hirself off afterwards. Shi pants steadily and heavily over the edge, gripping the invading cock like a vice while hir scarlet length throbs in Eyo's hand.

Eyonix's hand would grip rather tightly, almost cruelly so, as she jacked her 'friend' off. She would hunch forward, pressing her frontside against Itsumi's back, and brought her mouth near one of those large ears so that she could whisper devious nothings into it. She never relented in her pounding of that asshole; indeed, she only became harsher and quicker as she pumped her boss' fat cock. "Is this what you wanted? To be fucked by your employee? Where anyone can come in and watch?" She gave a particularly hard thrust with only a momentar pause afterwards before resuming her fucking of Itsumi. "Beg me to cum in your whore ass, Itsumi... tell me you want my seed in your ass."

Itsumi Charr clicks hir teeth together, lips peeled back in a grimace, taking that hard cock in hir tight hole and riding along it almost smoothly. Hir toes tighten and hir fingers make loud scratches across the wood under the edge of the desk. Good they're out of sight. Shi pants hard before slipping hir tongue past hir teeth and into hir mouth to speak. "C-cum..." shi mutters. "Cum inside me, Onix... nnh... f-fuck me, I wan... want to feel it... deep inside... m-my ass... please... cum..." Shi stutters and falls over hir words, hard to breathe or speak as shi's pounded and stroked. Hir reddish cock below drips, drooling fluid all over the desk as the veins along it threaten to burst.

Eyonix would begin to jerk Itsumi off faster as she felt her own loins beginning to stir; she knew it'd not be long before she popped off inside of the bitch in heat. She would bite down on Itsumi's shoulder, near the base of her neck, hard enough to draw blood, as she continued to pound into that overwhelmingly tight asshole. Her shaft began to pulse as she felt her orgasm beginning to hit her, a strong sensation of pleasure that coursed throughout her body as near searing hot cum began to blast into Itsumi in copious amounts. Even as she continued pumping thick, white seed into Itsumi's rear, she kept on jerking the boss lady off.

Itsumi Charr sucks in a sharp break, almost growling at the sensation, the bursting cum within hir tight rear, the hand along hir shaft, even the bite. Shi really didn't mind the cool trickle of blood, shi was oblivious for now, might notice it later, or not at all, hard to say. Shi tightens up and grips the shaft as it pumps searing heat inside, hir own cock pulsing and then bursting, managing to coat the desk in slippery, sticky white fluid, the blackish, reddish rod pumping and spraying streams of white over the black countertop. Sumi cries out, edges of hir eyes a little wet.

Eyonix would slowly grind down to a halt of her own impending thrusts into Itsumi as her exhilerating orgasm subsided. She released the woman's shoulder from her teeth, the taste of blood on her tongue rather strong. She let out a hefty sigh of contentment as she slowly withdrew from Itsumi's asshole. She'd look at the woman's backside and grinned; and then she'd lean down to pick up Itsumi's skirt. She'd press it to her shaft, and would clean herself off of the sticky, gooey mess best she could with her bosses clothing, grinning the whole time. She'd toss it atop of Itsumi's head then, and would pull her thong back over her soft prick. "Thanks for the fun boss..." She grinned as she began to walk away. "And sorry about the bite..." She chuckled quietly as she licked her lips free of the blood. Mmm, she does taste good, though. And then she would make her way out, heading for gods kjnow where.
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