tirieomega (tirieomega) wrote,

A Pet Project

OOC- I've decided to create a small pet project of sorts on Furcadia. Eyonix is hereby infected with a 'virus' of sorts, though nothing harmful at all. Basically, it's a way to see just how quickly something could potentiall spread through roleplay; how many people interact with one another in other words. The virus is called the 'Y' virus. Everyone that Eyonix has sexual contact with will contract this virus. This is where another person would kindly place a [Y] tag in their description to signify their infection. I would ask that everyone who willingly participates in this (it is just a harmless, fun game anyways, so why not? Or should I say Y not? =P ) to explain to everyone that they have sexual contact with that they will take on this virus, though harmless, and the purpose of this little experimentation. If you have any questions, feel free to whisper me on Eyonix or Jerrika, or leave a comment on this particular journal entry. Thanks!

Edit, OOC- So here I am, telling a friend (Itsumi Charr) about the Y-virus experiment. Someone whispers about it, and a few minutes later, BAM!, I get this wicked idea somehow. Okay, maybe it's not groundbreaking, but it sounded cool when I thought of it. This is an addition to the Y-virus, though still harmless! I'm going to ask that people who participate in this keep careful track of what generation they are contracting their Y-virus from. So now it's going to work something similar to vampire generations (an inspiration of sorts you could say). I'll explain that later. I'd like to note now that this virus will infect anyone who has sexual contact with anyone else; if your character is immune to diseases you will still get infected, if your character can heal themselves you will stay infected if you are infected. Why get rid of it? It's simply a fun experiment! It can cross species, even from anthro to feral to human to amoeba. Doesn't matter what sex, race, sexuality, omnipotence, impotence, fertile, infertile, ugly, beautiful, average, brilliant, stupid as shit... nothing matters. Sexual contact is sexual contact. Now then, about the generations:

Cain, first generation vampire. He would be in likeness to Eyonix, Y-virus first generation, or Y-1 (and the -only- Y-1).

Second generation vampires, those embraced by Cain. People Eyonix has sex with would be second generation Y-virus, or Y-2.

Third generation vampires, those embraced by second generation vampires. People who have had sex with second generation Y-virus (Y-2), are now third generation Y-virus infectees, or Y-3.

The chain will continue so on and so forth in this fashion, all the way to Y-Infinity. =P

Now, I know there's some rare, special circumstances that might be confusing when infecting new people with multiple parties involved, especially different tiered Y-virus generations; namely, orgies (mmm, kinky!). To keep this brief as can be, and simple as can be, if there are multiple generations of Y-virus people engaging in sexual activities with non-infected people, then the following happens: The non-infected people become infected by the earliest generation (closer to Y-1 in other words). This will only happen, however, if there is actual sexual contact between the earliest generation and the non-infected one. Example:

Y-2, Y-7, and non-infected person are getting their groove on. They each take turns with one another. Non-infected person will become Y-3.

Y-2, Y-7, and non-infected person. Y-7 and non-infected person have sex, while Y-2 uses their paddle to spank Y-7 and non-infected person every now and then. Non-infected person becomes Y-8.

Any questions, please leave a comment, or whisper me on Eyonix or Jerrika. Thanks!

Edit, OOC- Someone brought up an interesting scenario about this to me today (February 13th): If a Y-2 has sex with a Y-7, does the Y-7 change to a Y-3.

Simple and short: No, the Y-7 remains a Y-7. They already contracted it, and thus is how they will remain.

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to point out: This is a CONSENTUAL experiment. Anyone who does not wish to participate does NOT have to add Y-# to their description if they do not want to join in.
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