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tirieomega's Journal

30 September
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  • tirieomega@livejournal.com
This journal is meant for me to post up the going-ons of my Furcadian life. Ah, yes; sounds silly, but roleplaying is quite an enjoyable experience. However, this journal is meant for the more... deviant things I play out. This journal will be host to a hermaphrodite succubus character I play, Eyonix. http://eyonix.tripod.com/

As for the player behind the character? Well, you don't need to know anything about them really. But, since I'm a nice person and all, I'll tell you a little. I'm a twenty year old male from northern Alabama. Nothing special about me really. You'll get to know my... dirtier side, the one that people don't know about, through the logs of roleplay I'll post. If you want to know anything, go right ahead and drop me a line at tirieomega@gmail.com.
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